Christmas promotion “2019”

Dear friends, the new 2019 is very close!

But 2018 has not ended yet – you can still make a lot of useful things! So, something special will happen soon on our project …

December 31, we announce the day of New Year’s sale at Amriddin.Com! Only on this day you can order a virtual server with a 19% discount for the whole next year! Wait for the coveted hour, remember the promotional code – the passions will be serious. On this day, our project will become a “hot spot” of sales of virtual servers! Discounts are very important!

What do you need from you

Everything is very simple! You order a virtual server on December 31, we give you a 19% discount on it for the next year!

Terms of action

To get a 19% discount, you need to order and need to activate a virtual server on December 31, from 0:00 to 0:00 GMT.
If you pay the VPS by bank payment on the 31st, the money on this day most likely will not reach us, and you will not be able to activate the Virtual Server during the promotion period. Therefore, if you choose this payment method, then make a payment in advance, and on December 31, make an order for the server. The remaining payment methods are credited almost instantly, and you can make a payment directly when ordering a server.
In the order form of the virtual server you need to enter a promotional code: NY2019-31DEC. After that, you will automatically receive a discount of 19%.
December 31 – a day for those who are eager for discounts!

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