Our servers and hosting are virtual, and friends are real! Our goal is customers satisfied with the quality of services and affordable prices. For all the time of the project, different things happened, but those of you who believed in us from the very beginning and continue to cooperate, and there are our most loyal customers.

And it is you – our golden fund. We together went through all the stages of development and formation of our project. It is thanks to your opinion that we are getting better and constantly working to improve the quality of services. We decided to thank our most loyal customers and developed a loyalty program.

Who participates in the program “Loyal customers”

All our clients who have had an account for more than 2 years receive a discount on VPS and hosting services equal to the time spent with us:

  • 2 years – 2% discount
  • 3 years – 3% discount
  • 4 years – 4% discount
  • 5 years – 5% discount
  • 6 years – 6% discount

…and so on. It is very pleasant and profitable to be our regular customers!

Duration of the program “Loyal customers”

Is not limited. The loyal customers loyalty program is distributed to ALL of our customers, and starts automatically when the customer reaches 2 years of working with our group.

Future plans

We love good traditions very much and, quite possibly, the discount may even increase with each subsequent year of stay in our friendly team.

If you are our new customer

We hope that our new friends will also become regular customers so that we can make gifts for them too! Join our group “Amriddin Web”, which will be a useful assistant for you – tested by our regular customers!