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Manual and automatic renewal of registration


Timely notice of registration completion


Easy domain management through your account


Free hiding of personal data for domains


Price per domain name per year:

Domain zone


.com 16.56$
.biz 16.49$
.net 15,74$
.org 14.70 $
.tj 20$
.info 14.02$
.pro 16.85$

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A domain name is a combination of letters, numbers and some special characters that you and other users type in the address bar of your browser and open the website you need.

The domain name is structured and consists of several parts – domains of the first (higher) and subsequent levels. The first level is generally accepted registered letter combinations that relate to any country ( .us — United States of America,.ru — Russia, .tj — Tajikistan, .fr — France etc.) or to the nature of the site (.com — commercial, .edu — educational, .gov — state, etc.).

The following domain levels are your part of the domain name. It can also consist of several parts, separated by a dot, it depends on the provider and your personal preferences. Buying a domain name in this case means joining your part of the domain name to the registered first-level domain.

We suggest you buy domain names from $14 to $20. Together with the domain name, it is advisable to order hosting, so that these services are serviced by the same provider – this will reduce the number of potential problems in service. We offer hosting services on reliable servers with modern equipment from $1 per month.