What is an online store?

Online Store development is an ideal solution for any company engaged in trading. The purpose of a store on the internet is exactly the same as its traditional “colleague”. Online store must sell. The cost of maintaining such a store is significantly lower than the cost of maintaining a regular store, and the online store has a number of other undeniable advantages:

  • Online store is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • No need to contain trade managers to work in the hall
  • You can present an item that is not in stock.
  • Creation of sites such as “online store” is much cheaper than renting areas for sale of goods.

Standard online store includes:

  • Quality web Design
  • Product Catalogue
  • Order Basket
  • Electronic e-mail – notifications to the user’s boxes and the administrator of the online store, etc.
  • Order and sales statistics
  • Ability to leave personal messages and files for a specific user
  • Co-operation with payment systems: PayPal, Skrill…

Tools for the development of online stores.

We develop sites of any complexity on the platforms-the most simple and reliable in work: Prestashop, OpenCart, etc. It is important that such a site management system is as good as possible to meet your needs and the tasks that are assigned to the resource.

Cost and terms of development of the online store.

The cost of creation is from $200 (USD).
Development period – The term will depend on the complexity of the project.