We are well aware of what constitutes business development from scratch on the Internet, and we are ready to make a special offer to our clients – creating a site on credit. So we want to help companies that are in financial difficulties, need the best sites that would take them to a new level, increase the inflow of the target audience and sales.

Creating a site loan in Amriddin Web

As part of this offer, Amriddin Web enters into a contract with the customer to create a site for use from 3 months to 1 year. Your company needs to make an advance payment of 10% of the full cost of the service. Under this agreement, we develop a resource according to your technical requirements, register a domain (if necessary), place the project on the hosting site and transfer the rights to manage it for up to 12 months. During this period, according to the contract, you must pay a certain amount every month for using the site. We, in turn, provide a ready-made, efficient website, hosting site and provide technical support. With full and timely payment upon expiration of the contract, we transfer the rights to complete management and transfer the site to your hosting site.

The cost of creating a site on credit

The price of such a service is usually defined as 10% of the total cost of creating a resource, which largely depends on its complexity. For example, if the price of creating a simple website is 12 thousand rubles, you have to pay 10% of the total cost of developing the website before starting work, and pay the rest amount every month for 11 months (ie 1200 rubles per month). In this case, the total amount of the contract will be 14,400 rubles. This credit for the development of the site, and the services of its technical support. At the same time, the individual services of the site technical support are comparable in price. That is why our unique offer to create a site on credit is better suited by another name – the creation of a site on an installment plan.

We believe that our management will be an excellent support for your company’s business. Within a few months, your resource will reach its first results in the form of targeted traffic, increased sales. From your profit, you will be able to pay for the use of the site or to pay the loan ahead of schedule.

Creation of a business card website on credit

If you order the creation of a business card site by installment, you will have the opportunity to increase revenue by attracting an Internet audience. If your products, work or services are designed for a narrow circle of specialists, if your company is primarily focused on consumers in a particular region, then the website will be an effective solution for you.

Anyway, the online business card, ordered on credit from Amriddin Web, is a professional, high-quality and stylish website, which contains clear and concise information about your company, its services or products. The purpose of such a project is a qualitative presentation of the company, organization and your contact information.

The cost of creating a business card site varies depending on the complexity and starts from 8 thousand rubles.

Creating a corporate website on credit

Creating a corporate site is an effective solution for the first official site of your company, organization and private entrepreneurs.

The corporate website from Amriddin Web is a stylish and professional website, the structure and size of which directly depend on the degree of your attention to its development and completion. For your resource, we will create a unique design layout with your corporate identity, selecting the best thematic solutions. The size of this site is not limited. Having ordered the service of creating a simple website on credit, you yourself or with our help will be able to add main sections, create subsections and pages, manage their attachment and sequence.

What you get

  • A simple site with a manageable, functional and intuitive structure.
  • At the request of clients, we will create additional thematic sections: “Company Services / Product Catalog”, “News / Events / Promotions” with a pre-order form, “Photo Gallery”, “Price List”, “Guest Book”, “Frequently Asked Questions”.
  • The structure of additional sections is available for management and can be divided into subsections (up to three levels of investment).
  • Your site will be hosted on a dedicated hosting.
  • Email registration (up to 5 addresses).
  • We register your site in specialized directories of resources and search engines, we place counters of visitors statistics.
  • The cost of the service is from 18 thousand rubles (on credit – from 1800 rubles per month).

Creating an online store on credit

Creating an online store in installments. We have developed many virtual shops, which now attract thousands of visitors per day, bringing to their owners a steadily increasing profit. We have developed effective methods for optimizing websites for search engines, have accumulated rich experience in creating a competent structure, have created convenient software modules and tools. We know how to develop a convenient, effective and popular online store of any thematic direction.

The main purpose of creating such a resource is to attract the attention of a huge part of the target audience to the company’s services, to the quality and range of its products, to increase sales.

The task of creating an online store is to develop a convenient and understandable environment for the presentation of goods, to provide quality information about individual services, products, groups of goods, the conditions and characteristics of their sales, methods of payment, delivery and operation. We will provide the site with a convenient search, control, selection and checkout system.

An online store developed by Amriddin Web will attract targeted visitors to you and increase your revenue.

What you get in the end:

stylish and convenient site-catalog of goods, consisting of four or six main sections;
The main thematic sections can be the following: “About the store”, “Catalog of goods”, “Services”, “News and promotions”, “Reference book”, “Frequently asked questions”, “Forum / Guest book”, “Search”, “Contacts” “,” Ordering “, etc .;
convenient site management system. You can control the work of the online store yourself or with our help, communicate with visitors, manage the site materials;
functional software modules of very different complexity from simple blocks of announcements of sections, publishers and mailing / subscription systems to complex modules of product filters of the catalog, ordering system, forum. With their help, you will be able to bring relevant information to your customers: prices, remnants of goods in warehouses, descriptions;
individual hosting site for the site;
the required number of email addresses;
site registration in specialized popular directories and major search engines, placement of visiting counters.
The cost of creating an online store – from 60 thousand rubles (in installments – from 6000 rubles per month).

Order site creation on credit in Amriddin Web. We will make every effort to effectively start your online business.