What is a business card site?

Business card site is a kind of advertising booklet of the company on the Internet. When developing websites of this kind, a web site is usually created on which general information about the company is placed (area of ​​activity, a simple list of goods sold or services rendered, success, awards and similar information), address and travel plan.

The main advantage of the site business cards is low cost. This site does not require you to support and development costs. Creating a website business card is a good choice if your company is just starting to master the Internet and is not ready for the large costs of developing a complex website and its support. Also, the creation of business cards sites is justified for companies providing individual services, the cost of which is not known in advance.

In fact, the development of such a site will include only the creation of graphic design, echoing the corporate style, and filling the text of these 3-5 pages. This type of site can be useful “for growth”. You stake out the domain name, the search servers index documents on your site, which may be useful if you want to expand your presence on the Internet. You can specify the address of your site in the news, official documents, business cards, etc.

Typical information structure of a business card website:

  • Home Page. It gives a general description of the organization or type of products (depending on what purposes the site was created).
  • Services. A number of pages on which the services (goods) provided by the organization are briefly described.
  • Contacts. This page gives users the following information – the address of the organization, phone number, registration number, account number, etc.
  • Feedback. The standard form for sending an email.

The cost and timing of business card site development.

  • Creation cost – from $80 (USD).
  • Development time – up to 10 working days.

Website creation tools.

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